Respite Care

"Respite" refers to short term, temporary care provided to people with disabilities. Oak House has a variety of Respite Care options. If you need long or short term respite care, Oak House can help. Oak House offers care by the hour, day, or month.

Hourly Respite Care

This is great if you only need short term help. This gives your loved one a chance to meet new people or return to see old acquaintances and gives you time to take care of your business. A 24 hour notice would be appreciated but same day care is possible.

Respite Care by the Day

This care will provide overnight or more than 8 hours of respite help to give you time for you, to get some rest or tend to what you need to get done. This care will also give your loved one more time to get to know us at Oak House. Overnight care is available depending on availability. Non-overnight care we would only appreciate a 24 hour notice.

Waiting list available for permanent residents.

If you are in need of respite care please contact Terry Sayatovich at Oak House. Our family at Oak House looks forward to your visit.